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April Online Sesshin

From April 11th to April 15th (JST)

at Seikenji Online Zendo (zoom)

What we share on zoom

  • Live streaming of every zazen at our temple zendo (meditation hall)

  • Teisho (Dharma talk) by Zen master Isobe Roshi with English translation

  • Dokusan with Isobe Roshi (Personal interview, face to face)

    • Dharma talk and Dokusan will be held every day except for the last day.​

    • You can attend Dokusan 2-3 times per sesshin

Time Schedule

Early morning

05:20 Zazen

06:00 Break

06:20 Zazen

07:00 Morning prayers



08:20 Zazen

09:00 Walking meditation, break

09:20 Zazen

10:00 Walking meditation, break

10:20 Zazen

11:00 Walking meditation, break



13:20 Teisho (Dharma Talk)

14:30 Dokusan (Personal Interview)





18:20 Zazen

19:00 Walking meditation, break

19:20 Zazen

20:00 Walking meditation, break

20:20 Zazen

21:00 Evening prayers

15 minutes for one person in Dokusan.

During these 3 hours, we won't sound the bell for the beginning and end of zazen. Please do zazen by yourself and stay online.

During the last day, we will sit only in the morning. After the last zazen, from 11 AM, we will chant to share the benefits of our practice with all beings and have tea together with all the participants.

Sesshin Rules

Please read these sesshin rules before attending. They are meant for a normal sesshin, however, these guidelines will help you even if you are attending the online sesshin.

How to apply

Sorry we are not ready yet...

  • We are still working on creating a registration system now.

  • For more information, please ask us by email.

This will be our first online sesshin.

We will try our best and hope to have great practice with all of you.

See you in zazen.



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